“I am a broadcaster who hasn’t always gone exactly by the book. Instead, along the way I’ve chosen to write my own book.”

About Marc

marc-wattsNFL NETWORK: Marc works today as the Director of on-air Media Talent for the NFL Network, based in Culver City, California. The NFL Network’s programming airs 24/7 on Direct TV-Channel 212, on the Dish Network Channel-154, on Time Warner Cable and most other cable TV providers throughout the U.S. As Director of Media Talent, Marc is responsible for recruiting, developing, coaching and branding the on air personalities of the NFL Network. In football terms, he scouts the potential on-air talent, puts them through the combine, schedules their pro day work outs and evaluates their skills to determine if they’re worthy of the next level when their playing days come to an end. Marc also keeps a close watch on potential free agents in local markets and other networks, to determine if they’re worthy of coming on board with a new broadcast team at the NFL Network. Prior to arriving at the NFLN, Marc, an EMMY Award winning news correspondent, ran the Broadcast Division, of Santa Monica, CA based PRO Sports Communications. In that capacity he coached athletes and CEO’s on how to utilize the media to their advantage. That role included media training and improving their public speaking skills. He also instructed athletes on how to transition from their playing days into the broadcast booth.

BROADCAST JOURNALIST CAREER: Marc knows a thing or two about how to be successful on TV, because at one time he was that himself. In broadcast news circles, many folks remember him as the dapper lead correspondent for CNN during the O.J. Simpson murder trial. When breaking news happened in the O.J. Trial, Marc was the first telling it to the whole world. From Simpson’s infamous Bronco chase to the not guilty trial verdict, Marc filed 1700 reports for CNN, on that story alone. Throughout his career he’s been honored with more than 45 journalism, writing and production awards. In addition to CNN, Marc worked as a local TV news anchor/reporter in Seattle, Minneapolis, Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago. He’s filed news reports from nearly every state in America, as well as Canada, Mexico, Europe and Africa.

MEDIA TALENT AGENT: After leaving CNN, he formed Signature Media Group; his own talent agency and speakers bureau. Signature Media Group (SMG) Talk still operates today in Chicago. It’s owned now by one of Marc’s former employees. In all, Marc has mentored, developed and played a significant role in the success of more than 350 broadcast journalists, sports analysts, talking heads and TV personalities. The lessons and experience he gained as an on-air correspondent served Marc well as a media agent. He never told or advised a client to do anything, that he hadn’t once done himself during his own on-air TV career.

PRESENTATION GEEK: Now, the on-camera advice and instruction Marc passes on to the football analysts, hosts and correspondents at the NFL Network, are all skills he once utilized himself on TV. Unlike most media trainers and talent coaches, Marc spends most of his time working to improve one’s oral delivery, messaging and presentation; not hair, clothing and makeup. “The outside, the superficial, is only 30 percent of the complete package,” Marc says. “An attractive look will draw viewers in to watch. But the reason they stick around and continue watching day in and day out, is because the TV presenter has impressed the viewer with what he said or how he said it. Successful communicating is an art and science, and I enjoy teaching it. To become proficient at it, you have to accept it as a craft and know the formula to it.”

TRIPLE CROWN OF MEDIA, RARE BREED: And with that perspective, Marc continues in his goal to attract and recruit the best possible talent to the NFL Network, and improve the television presentation skills of those already there. Most network managers, come from a producing, programming or sales background, so it’s quite impressive for the NFL on-air talent to know that Marc was once one of their own. In fact, his friends joke with him that he’s captured the “Triple Crown” of television media. First, on air as a network correspondent, then as head of his own broadcast talent agency and now as the Director of Talent for a major sports network.

PERSONAL: Of all the roles and relationships he has enjoyed, it’s his role as a father that Marc cherishes the most. His son is a high school student athlete in Orange County, California, and consumes most of Marc’s free time. When not on the job at the NFL Network lot in Culver City, Marc can be seen in the stands at a baseball field rooting for his son, who competes nearly every weekend in a baseball tournament somewhere throughout Southern California and the country. Marc was born in Michigan, yet as he climbed the ranks in his TV career, he lived in numerous cities. So it has become difficult over the years for him to conclusively answer the question, “Where are you from?” He’s a graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle and holds a Masters Degree from the University of Minnesota. Throughout all his travels, however, he identifies mostly with Southern California as his home. His parents, as well as his brother and sister all reside there.